A Walk In The Park

30th Jan 2009

Hi everyone! How was your Lunar New Year? Hope you had a great one. Mine was quite sombre this year – well, it has been that way for many years since moving to KL. Back in Sabah, Lunar New Year would be a day filled with good foods, family gatherings (with my aunt’s family) and lots of money! So yeah.. this year was just the same like the previous years.

However, it wasn’t that bad at all because my partner and I went out for a walk in the park this year! LOL! By now, you should probably noticed how much we love doing outdoor things lately. Well, my partner loves taking photos ever since he developed this new-found love for photography. He has been taking photos after photos, and I wasn’t spared from his object experiment as well! :-P He’s still an amateur tho..He’s probably getting better in it than me. Even faster than me!

Well, that’s about it that I can share with you. We took quite a lot of photos actually, but truth is, I’m too lazy to edit and upload the photos. Hahahaha! And besides, the rest of the photos were our personal collection – I don’t really wanna share all our personal photos online for everyone to see. You’ll never know who’s viewing your photos online!

Oh, we might go out for another outdoor activities again soon. Anyone care to join? :-P Or anyone have any idea what other outdoor activities we should do? Visiting the custom rubber stamp factory perhaps? LOL

Just kidding, folks.. Enjoy your day. God bless!

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6 thoughts on “A Walk In The Park

  1. Sweet Lavender

    Dropping by..Sabahan? I love Sabah ba.. hehe
    Lovely blog u have here Cindy.. :)
    Don’t hopeless in love..
    I think u found someone odi.. *winks*

    Sweet Lavender

    Hiya Sweet Lavender. What a lovely name. It so happened that I love the color lavender too!

    Yes, I’m a Sabahan. Pernah pigi Sabah ka? :-P

    Thanks for the kind compliment. Glad you like my blog design. And YES, I’ve found someone odi.. *teehee* Thanks for dropping by! Come back again soon! :-D


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