Let’s Go To The Zoo, There’s Lots Of Things To Do

23rd Jan 2009

Do you still remember that song? It used to be played all over our local TV station back in those days.

Well last Sunday, I relive the memories of the Zoo Negara official song and paid a visit with my partner to the animals there. :-D

This is one of the first animals you’ll see once you enter the zoo.

Reminds me of Dumbo. I mean.. Jumbo. *teehee*

This one reminds me of that giraffe from Madagascar.. but I can’t remember his name!

My fav animal of all. HIPPO!!!!! Wish they come in PINK color as well!

The rhinoceros. Tough ole man.

Even Bambi was there!!!

Someone wanted to be in the picture as well.. :-P

Hornbill. The MOST photographed bird/animal in our camera – because my partner comes from a state where Hornbills were their “official bird”. I think I saw at least 20 photos of them alone!

Whoops! That’s about all the photos I could share with you. If you’d like to see more or experience the real thing, why not pay a visit to our local Zoo this weekend. Besides, it’s gonna be a long weekend mah… right? :-P I know my partner’s colleague planned to visit the Zoo this weekend with his wife and kids after seeing the photos he took. LOL! I mean, come on.. support our local zoo. Help the Zoo to stay open, feed the animals, buy horse supplements – it’s a good deed you’re doing for the animals.

In case I don’t post anything till this weekend, here’s wishing you a lovely, long weekend.


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9 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Zoo, There’s Lots Of Things To Do

  1. massy

    uh i know dat song.. XD

    rusak eh…

    nice oh the shots… XD cute tu hippo..u want a pink hippo? XD

    Isn’t that like.. KFC’s song? LOL!!!

    Ya bah.. I want a pink hippo. It’ll be really cute!!!!

    PS: Nice shots? Hah.. kembang lar hidung “photographer” I tu.. :-P

  2. Ratu Syura

    Melman!! :D haven’t been to the zoo in agesss!! brapa la u hafta pay?? maybe i’ll drag my friends there one of these days.

    Entrance fee is RM15, hun. Car park is charged at RM4. Unless of course, if you bawak lorry la. That’ll cost you RM6. LOL

    Pergilah zoo. Fun jugak tu!

  3. Shemah

    Nah! Buddy tagih me to bring him to the zoo oredi!! I brought the kids to Melaka zoo last October and me and Buddy naik kuda! That was really fun. But kesian Allie, kepenatan dia.. those animals didn’t really excite her that much.

    Buddy also got take pics with Melman the Giraffe. LOL! But sana tiada hippo!! I wanna see a hippo!!! :D

    Better bring them one of these days! The only thing me and hubby don’t like about zoos, is the smell. hehehe..

  4. Ally

    the white rhino is the most expensive animals in the zoo. It cost USD500,000 for 1. We have 3 in our zoo negara, it’s already RM5.2 mil. All sponsered by Trator malaysia


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