Sun, Fun… Hun!

7th Jan 2009

New year, new resolution, new life goal.. new skin color. Yeshh.. I’m officially a dark-skinned girl now. All thanks to the many visits to dad’s kebun sawit, beach, more beaches! But it was FUN! You people should come over to Sabah with us during our Christmas break. Forget taking so many stuff with you. Leave your notebooks & mobile phone behind. Come with us and enjoy. We’ll bring you to places where not only you could lost a lot of weight (haha!) but also places where you’ll have too much fun – you might not wanna go back home!

This is one of the thing you could do back in Sabah..

And that’s how I turned darker skin, by the way. I had wayyy too much fun playing under the sun. And oh, I think I accidentally ate a few sands on that day too. All thanks to my brother who thinks it’s so much fun to throw “sandballs” on me while I’m trying to enjoy the waves. LOL!

OK, will talk to ya’ll later when my Internet connection’s much better. Maybe even share some of my Holiday photos – on Facebook that is. *teehee*

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15 thoughts on “Sun, Fun… Hun!

  1. kaDusMama

    i’m one of people yang komplen tidak dapat komen in your blog tu..hahaha!! Nasib i have 3 jenis browsers..hehe ada IE, Firefox and Chrome juga..! Ko tau lah some blogs jadi gila kalau kena tingu pakai Firefox kan..
    Eh..cindy, next year sia mau p kampung ko lah..hehehe!!! can??

  2. chegu carol

    that’s a very nice picture cin!

    and yeah…i think i am realizing that i, too, loves the beach, the sea and sand very much. Evertime limpas sana Bora2 shop in 1B, i could not help but peek at those flip flops, straw hat, beach bags, sunglasses, bikinis, etc.

  3. GuRaNgAk

    Huhuhu…it was a case of ‘so close yet so far!!’
    Aku x sempat bermandi manda di laut Kudat..
    Bermain pasir ja kijap di Bak Bak Beach huhu..
    Nevermind, there’s ALWAYS next time..yeshh, next time!

    p/s Wah the pic bah..wondering whether the ‘hot chick’ hebat melumpat or the cameraman pandai manipulate? Oppss..hehehe..
    Nice pic thou’ :D

  4. Teress

    Hello, I found your blog while surfing the net. I must say, your blog is absolutely so cute!!!

    I was smiling at your template the whole time. It made me read more and more and more and more!

    I love your photograph in this post btw, it’s so carefree and fun! I really think that everyone should have a moment or two of carefree-ness once in a while in order to find their center and appreciate life for what it really is. :)

    Cheers, and more power to your blog!

  5. papajoneh

    Aduh sioknye di laut. Lama ndak pi sana. Yep that is truly Sabahan Style. Hahaha. Nice picture. Dark skin girl is much better than white ghost girl. Ada mcm tu – tekajut sia tinguk. Hahaha.
    Bah ok.. jumpa lagi.


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