Another Happy Weekend

4th Feb 2009

After National Zoo, Museum and the Park, this time – my partner and I, joined together by my brother and his friend, Geaff – went to another exciting place called Sunway Lagoon.

I think the last time I went there was back in 2003 with my family. Back then, the entrance fee wasn’t that expensive and complicated. There were choices like Dry Park and Wet Park, if I’m not mistaken.. To my surprise, they have like tons of Park these days. Extreme Park. Wildlife Park. Water Park. etc.

How much did we pay for our entrance fee? RM48. LOL. We took the cheapest one, because we didn’t think we’d have enough time to tour the whole park, since it was already close to 2PM when we arrived there.

This is how your ‘Tag’ would look like, for the cheapest entrance ticket. LOL

Tho we only had access to the Water Park and (er.. Dry Park? I forgot what it’s called lah) all 4 of us had so much fun. We went for the Tomahawk ride, train ride, water slide.. well, except for *someone* that is. That *someone* end up not taking anymore rides with the rest of us after getting jiggy with it on the train ride. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Man, I tell you.. that Tomahawk ride can really get you dizzy. Beats all the effects of running on a treadmills. Tomahawk gives you good exercise in terms of hand grips, voice control and the ability to open/close your eyes while you hang upside down. LOL!

Sunway Lagoon is also a good place to hang out if you love taking photos, like my “photographer” partner. He’d rather spend the day taking photos than hanging upside down on the Tomahawk with me! :-P But yeah, I had to give him some credit for his photos. Without him, we wouldn’t have tons of photos in the camera because we were too busy being kids, running around, screaming and laughing.

Oh, a word of advice from me tho: When you leave the Lagoon, try to refrain yourself from taking the “Free watch in exchange of your Sunway Lagoon tag” outside. Once you take those free watches, you’ll NEVER get your deposit back! >.< (unless of course, if you return the watches and go for another long queue for your deposit return) If you don't get what I'm saying, forget it. Just visit Sunway Lagoon and you'll know what I mean. Ha! Ha! Ha! PS: Sorry, very limited photos to share with you. You can view the rest of the photos in my Facebook album - if you're on my Friends list. (Some photos are too personal to share bah.. hehehe)

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9 thoughts on “Another Happy Weekend

  1. Kay Kastum

    Sunway penipu urang. They say just change the access watch for the free watch but never told us the deposit will not be returned.

    But we still had fun non-the less. Next time, let’s bring more people. More tummies to take snapshots…. ha ha

  2. papajoneh

    If Nick haven’t been there for years.. apalagi sia di sini Sabah entah brapa ribu KM jauh ni.

    Harap ada lah banyak gambar untuk orang2 sakai macam saya ni mau tinguk di dalam. Dooi gia. Sian sia.


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