For The Love Of Persimmon

6th Feb 2009

I’m sure you’ve heard of the word “Persimmon” before. Probably even seen how the actual fruit looked like.

Unlike me, the only time I’ve heard of the word “Persimmon” is when I go air freshener shopping. There’s like a variety of scents sitting on the rack, one of them would be “Persimmon”. And to be honest, I’ve never seen the real Persimmon before! :-P

So when Bunny (I’ll refer my bf as “Bunny” from now onwards. haha!) took me to a fruit seller to buy “Sharon fruit”, I was like Sharon?? What on earth is a Sharon fruit?!

He took a box, paid for it. Upon reaching home, he gave me the box and it read:

“Sharon fruit – The sweetest persimmon, ever!”

For all you sampalau people like me, this is how the Sharon fruit (Persimmon) looked like.

I must say, I was reluctant to eat that fruit when I first saw it. Somehow, it reminded me of eggplants/brinjals.. or tomatoes. But Bunny insisted I take a bite, so bite I did.

WOOT! Woot!

I kinda like the taste! It tasted really sweet, juicy.. something like buah tampoi, only much better. You should try it.. they’re really yummy. In fact, I’m thinking of planting a few Persimmon trees around our house someday. LOL. Well, provided that Persimmons could grow in Asia that is….

PS: Hey, “Persimmon” sounds like “Gene Simmons”.. don’t you think? hahaha

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9 thoughts on “For The Love Of Persimmon

  1. Sweet Lavender

    :P I also never heard got such fruit! Persimmon aka Sharon fruit? Look alike tomatoes.. Hihi ^^ Is it available at any hypermarket? I think i would like to try too.. Another “sampalau”! *winks*

    I’m not sure if they’re available at any hypermarket as I’ve never noticed them whenever I do my grocery shopping. They probably have it…? :-D

  2. kaDusMama

    hehee..i only knew pasal persimmon when my MIL bawa balik first i was reluctant to eat it too..macam keras saja bah nampak!! terus macam ada pulut saja.. Sekali after one bite, wohoooo sadap pulak!! hehehe
    But mahal juga kan tu buah..1 biji like RM3 oh..padahal kecil saja

    Ya.. that’s the down side of this fruit. Mahal!!! >.<

  3. viv

    hihi… I am surely one of the sampalau oso.. kekeke….
    macam combination of tomato and buah pinang…
    alamak teringat pula my late grandma… crita pasal pinang nih!

    Happy Weekend!

    Eh.. didn’t noticed pulak at first. Ya bah, come to think of it, macam combination of tomato and buah pinang juga bah kan?

    Speaking of late grandma and pinang, you reminded me of my late grandma jugak! Dia suka betul monginggat! Uwaaa.. miss her already lah!

  4. Sweet Lavender

    I saw it advertised under the Giant Hypermarket adv in The Borneo Post! LOLz~~ It always there just that I never bother about the adv thingy. :P

    Ohh.. they have it for sale in Giant Hypermarket?? Then confirm ada lah dijual di hypermarkets ni. Hehehehe.. Cubalah beli and rasalah. You’d love it! (I think) :P

  5. Shemah

    Hahaha.. It’s as normal a fruit as bananas for us in our household. Recently I had to throw a bunch. I forgot that hubby bought it and then we left for kk. After a month there, came back, baru nampak the persimmons all lembik in the fridge. haha.

    But I always knew it as persimmons, not Sharon Fruit. Well, at least I learnt something today. hehehe. :)

  6. boris

    i m from to mango fruits i give the second rank in the world of fruits to this( HURMA-in moscow)persimmon.Great is not known to india.


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