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10th Mar 2009

A week ago, I went on a mini vacation with my family to Kuching, Sarawak. Well, not exactly like Vegas vacations but I think it was way better than going on an overseas trip – because this one was not only a mini family trip, this is also our first pilgrimage together as a family.

Yep, I said pilgrimage.
My family and I went on a pilgrimage trip to a place in Bau called Mt. Singai.

You’ll get to see this at the entrance to Mt. Singai

These are the stairs that leads you to the top of Mt. Singai. Very tiring!

According to a friend of mine, Mt. Singai is where you get to make a wish by saying a prayer and your wish will have a very high chance of being granted. You see, this friend of mine had been married for 8 years and still not having any child yet. This friend of mine heard of Mt. Singai, took his wife there… and guess what? Their wish was granted!

I hope MY wish would be granted too! *teehee*

Well, pilgrimage was not the only activity we did while we were in Kuching. We visited many interesting places such as the museum, pottery factory, the famous Sarawak kuih lapis factory etc. But the one place I think I enjoyed most was the Rumah Panjang (long house)! Wahhhhh… twas an experience you should experience too! (But too bad, we weren’t allowed to take photos of the rumah panjang out of respect).

I, however, managed to sneaked in a few shots through my mini digital camera. This was one of it. Eheheheheh..

When you’re at a rumah panjang, you could NOT escape the tuak!! Muahahaha!

PS: (A note to Syura) This was NOT a trip to meet Bunny’s parents and family – although I wish I could meet them up – LOL!

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10 thoughts on “Kuching – I Love

  1. GuRaNgAk

    Wah enjoynya kau Cin..
    I got the chance to stay in ‘rumah panjai’ in Ulu Baram, Miri back in 1995 and again in Kanowit,Sibu in 2005, and true enuff..TWAS a unique and unforgettable experience (u know wat im sayin’). It really helps me to better understand the culture & the people of our neighbouring State, Sarawak..

    p/s Nessa, correction…Tuak is sweet, not Pait..hehehe (khalaw x perchaya chuba thanya si Chindy :D


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