The Best Of Both Worlds

18th Mar 2009

Most people I know think that working from home is easy. I mean, why wouldn’t they think that, right? When working from home, you get to wear your lingerie (or that boring pyjamas) all day long without having to worry about your hair too. There’s no sitting next to super annoying people on the bus who talk loudly or play their mega annoying ringing tone that you felt like strangling them sometimes. No battling with rush-hour jams. No office gossips (or being the office gossip victim). No kissing your boss’ butt. You can take a break anytime you want. You can go to the fridge and fix yourself some sandwich without having to share it with your co-workers who’s constantly hungry beyond limit. You get to shop online 24/7, buying stuff for your loved ones. You also get to play your favorite CD as loud as you can, even singing along with it (or dance!) with only your underwear and no one will suggest your name to the mental hospital.

Yes, it’s true that working at home has many advantages. However, if you’re a person who loves having people around you to gossip talk to, working alone could get you to feel oh so lonely at times. I used to work in an office for many years where I get to mingle around with my co-workers a lot. We talked a lot. We eat a lot. We fight a lot. And now that I’m working from home, it gets really silent and lonely most of the times. Chatting online doesn’t give the same feeling as actually having SOMEONE to talk to in real.

Bunny just left for work and here I am, staring at my Notebook trying to type something into this blog. I’m listening to the radio with the volume turned to almost the max – but I’m not dancing in my underwear, yet. I just had nasi campur so I don’t think dancing with a full tummy is a good idea – unless I want to look like I’m suffering from bulimia.

The cat’s making a lot of noise already. Time to get him out of the cage and feed him.

Ahhh.. the joy of working from home.

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6 thoughts on “The Best Of Both Worlds

  1. massy

    omg, cute kitty! *catnap! XD

    anyways, working at home needs discipline. *rofl, I love sitting in front of my computer at nite, not in the morning no thank yew

    But Mas.. I thought you’re like on the computer 24/7? Just look at the rate you’re going on Mafia Wars!!!! Do you even sleep?!!! Hahahaha!

  2. marmaladE

    yes i agree that working at home has many advantages..sya lagi suka gitu..teda pulitik sabun… :B
    and the best thing is, no gossiping..LOL
    *kurang sikit dosa*


    But I miss office gossips! Hahahaha..! But true also lah, especially during this month of Lent, no office gossips, kurang sikit dosa. LOL

  3. Nessa

    Eh, I didn’t know ko piara kucing! :D Santek and sexy mata dia.

    Baru saja I start “tolong piara” ni. Hehehehe.. But don’t be fooled by the pretty and sexy eyes. This cat bites! (when he plays with you la) :-P

  4. chegu carol

    yalah…didnt know u ada kucing sdh.
    btw, mana sdh ur dog yg bulu panjang tu? shih tzu kah if im not mistaken.

    It’s actually Bunny’s cat. I’m officially it’s step mother now. LOL

    The shih tzu? Oh, she’s with someone else now. :-)

  5. Kitty

    Does the cat live in the cage and you only let it out to eat? Poor kitty. Tell me that isn’t so.. :(

    No, sweetie. Kitty stays in the cage at night when we sleep only. He gets out in the morning.


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