Curious Case of Stu Hamm & Bunny

28th Apr 2009

WARNING: Might have excessive photos and Bunny loving

Last Saturday, Stuart Hamm – bassist of the famous Joe Satriani – was down in KL for a Bass clinic and I was lucky enough to tag along with Bunny right from the sound check moment to the end of the show. Wait, there’s more: I was seated at the very front seat. Woohoo!!

Here’s some photos for you Stu Hamm fans to gloat on people who didn’t get the chance to attend this awesome show. ^_^

The view from inside the hall. Beautiful isn’t it? Never knew Panggung Bandaraya is THAT beautiful..

The man himself, STU HAMM! (Man, he was AWESOME!!)

“I started playing the bass when I got a bass guitar for Christmas when I was 13..”

Bunny and his friend gets to jam with Mr. Stu!!! *hee*

A closer look

…of my Bunny

Bunny again

More Bunny! (Sorry can’t help it. I love that man to pieces. *teehee*)

Last one. I promise! :-P

Stu was actually very pleased with Bunny’s playing, he gave him a bowing ovation during rehearsal!
(AND a thank you + praising email after!)

Finally, a pic of me and Bunny. Pardon him for the eyes. He likes to do that sometimes. -_-

Well that’s about all the photos I can share with you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do (especially on the part of showing off Bunny’s brand new guitar. Ha! Ha!) And please don’t comment on the increasing size of my already round face. I’m trying to lose as much weight as I can before Pesta Gawai next month (gonna meet the future in-laws! *shrieks*). Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with the ellipticals. :-P

Ciao baby!

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6 thoughts on “Curious Case of Stu Hamm & Bunny

  1. papajoneh

    my big bro surely wanna meet this guy.. my bro been a bassist ever since i know him with the guitar… now YS’ own band member.

    ok no comment on the increasing round… just quoting :B



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