{latest.design} Loving My Life!

2nd Jul 2009

Hi people! I just got back from grocery shopping with Bunny. What a tiring activity – but I love it nonetheless! I also get to FINALLY buy a can of Kjeldsens Butter Cookies! I’ve been wanting to buy those Danish butter cookies ever since like November last year, but I just couldn’t find them anywhere. Guess where I found them? Guardian Pharmacy — of all places. lol

Also I wanna show you my latest addition in my portfolio. *hihihi*

I had so much designing for Mimi. She’s a very sweet person, you know. Not to mention an animal lover too. Her pets reminded me so much of my own dog back home — Girly –.

Well, do visit her “new” blog when you have the time. I’m sure she’ll love some company!

OK, back to my groceries. So many things to unpack! >___<

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6 thoughts on “{latest.design} Loving My Life!

  1. La Grenadine

    First time I visit your blog, so I have some different things to tell you :
    – You’re sooo right. Firefox is the best. \o/ Why IE is so stupid ? >.<
    – Very cute layout, I like it very much.
    – It's a plesure to read your blog. ^^

    And also… I do want a rabbit. *-*

    La Grenadine – what a cute name! Reminds me so much of that delicious drink! hihihih

    – Yes, don’t we all hate IE. It’s so stupid! lol
    – Thank you so much for the compliment! I’m glad you like it! :-D
    – I’m gonna visit your blog tonight! (after my meal that is.. I’m starving right now.. lol)
    – “Bunny” is actually the name I call my fiance in my blog. hihihi

  2. La Grenadine

    Something was wrong and don’t let me end my message.

    So I said : I do want a bunny. I don’t there’s no link between it and your blog post, but calling someone Bunny, whoever he/she is, made me think that. =p

  3. La Grenadine

    (Oops. The first message wasn’t finished AND wasn’t published. ^^” Sorry for this.)

    So I was also saying that :
    – I really like your blog layout; That’s so cute.
    – You’re right, firefox is the best. Why IE is so stupid ? >.<


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