Good Things Come Together

27th Aug 2009

Time check: 6:11PM

It’s close to dinner time. I had a mini-minor-tiny-oh argument with someone earlier, but, I’m ready to put that aside because I’m starving and food is all I could think of right now! One name came to mind…

So I text him:

“Love, can we KFC tonight?”

“Sure. I want KFC too”

It’s a deal! ^_^

Time check: 6:16PM

Still have time to do the laundry and take my shower before he comes back! Boy, do I wish we have a walk in tubs right now. I just feel like pampering myself after feeling so miserable the whole afternoon from the argument. But the thought of KFC makes it all better.

Good things do come together with KFC! lol

PS: This is NOT a paid advertorial from KFC – altho I wish I’d get FREE KFC FOR A YEAR for this post! ha ha ha

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3 thoughts on “Good Things Come Together

  1. Nick Phillips

    Now you’ve made me feel like having KFC for dinner too!

    Go get your KFC, Nick!

    But honestly.. after having KFC for dinner last night, Bunny and I complained being hungry again by midnight. Maybe not a good choice when you’re terribly hungry at dinnertime. lol

  2. massy

    hahahahah this doesn’t affect me at all! I want BK double swiss mushroom XD

    OMG, I just told him that I’m feeling BK tonight too! This Sunday kami mau pi hunt BK in KL. Teda bah dekat-dekat my place. Stupid one…

  3. Lia

    Hi Cindy! How are you …
    One thing that KFC doesn’t have here is mash potato … my daughter love that :o)

    Lia!!! You’re back from your photography classes??? Long time no see!

    No mashed potatoes over there? Aww.. but I’m sure the coleslaw tastes much better than most of the KFCs over here.. right?


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