I’m Getting Older

6th Aug 2009

Last monday (August 3rd), I celebrated my *toot* birthday. (sorry, a girl doesn’t tell her age. :P) And since my birthday falls on a monday (sigh).. I kinda celebrated it on Sunday with Bunny, my brother and a bunch of friends by having lunch at IKEA. Gawd, I LOVE them foods at IKEA! Especially that Chicken Leg set and the Prawn Salad. Ohhhhh.. just talking about it makes me drool!

And then after lunch, Bunny and I parted from the group and went furniture shopping. YAY! Finally got myself a brand new coffee table and a white drawer. So happy! :D

Speaking of my birthday, Bunny actually bought me a box of very cute looking cupcakes – he knows how much I love cupcakes. However, I didn’t managed to take photos of the cupcakes coz we (Bunny and I) were a bunch of hyenas. We finished the whole box of cupcakes in less than an hour and I forgot to take a photo or two of the cupcakes. LOL

I managed to take a shot of the mini birthday cake tho – well, Bunny did. Since Bunny is not a keen cake eater (and I couldn’t possibly finish up a whole cake alone) we end up getting a mini cake instead. Just for the sake of having a birthday cake, I guess. Ha Ha!

Well.. here’s the cake:


Bunny also gave me the best gift a woman could ever get on her birthday …but I’d rather not tell you what it was. *wink* I can tell you tho, that it comes with a birthday card with a note inside that says very heartwarming words for me. Bunny made me feel so loved and blessed to have him in my life..

Ahh.. life is such a bliss. :-D

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7 thoughts on “I’m Getting Older

  1. chegu carol

    owh a girl does not reveals her age kah?
    hmmm…. macam tiap2 tahun my bday i always shout out loud my age…hahahaha

    white drawer? from IKEA? picture!..yg betul2 punya drawer. i wanna see. Why lah no IKEA here in KK. :((

    Oh.. you tell people your age kah? Then not every girl keeps their age a secret lah tu. Ha ha ha!

    Photos ar? Aiya, my room still messy right now oh. Nanti lah I try to see if I can edit out the samak from the photo, then I’ll paste it over here. LOL

  2. Nessa

    Happy belated birthday Cindy!! Age is just numbur baitu… hati tetap muda ;)

    Kiutnya ko punya mini birthday kek. Ramai juga yang celebrate birthday this month kan… me oso… yay!! 2 tahun lagi 40 nodii… aduh duh… but I’m still young even though banyak kerudut and rambut putih!! :B

    Thanks for the wish, Nessa. Wahh.. tak sangka you pun August baby. We should form a club lah! LOL

    Hey..life begins at 40 bah urang bilang. *hee*


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