There’s A Hole In My Pocket

24th Aug 2009

My biggest struggle with waking up on a Sunday morning to attend church mass is the actual waking part. Nine out of 10 times, I’d opt to sleep in and ignore the alarm – BOTH alarms – the clock and him. It drives me crazy sometimes because I wanted to sleep longer, yet, the annoying sound of the alarm and him making me get out of bed would constantly ring on my ears.

I missed the mass yesterday. Not on purpose, of course. Neither of us were awaken by the sound of the alarm this time. I blame the midnight movie marathon we had on Saturday.

Anyway, waking up at noon makes me hungry. It made us BOTH hungry. I suggested lunch at a local food court near Jusco (because it’s cheap) and because I wanted so badly to shop for some cheap hand towels.

We end up spending RM60+ at Nandos:

Over RM250+ on shorts

And RM7.50 on cheap hand towel…

How to save money like this??? :-(

*A loving message for my darling Bunny. :-P

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9 thoughts on “There’s A Hole In My Pocket

  1. kid-amos

    moi … blog pasal momom lagi nie. Kin lapar sija nie ooo. Ganas jua ko spend duit ah ! kakakkaaaaaaaa……

    Inilah masalahnya orang yg tak berduit ni. Suka betul spend di luar kawasan liputan. Ha ha ha!

    PS: Ko sudah lunch ka ni? kekeke~

  2. eshark

    allalalalaaaa! posa2 ko upload pics makanan lagi nih.. ada 4++hours lagi mo sungkai this

    Eh?? Oh?? OMG ya kan, bulan puasa bah pulak this. I forgot lah! Sorry lah, eshark.. Ndak sengaja ni. Tapi 4hours+ tu ndak lama lagi bah tu.. he he he

  3. Ken.Mrs Graig

    Cin..berbelanja la sblm x blh berbelanja..dun worry petua urg cina spend ur money more and get return even more kunun >.< btw,sa cni putrajaya ni..sumtimes lepak d sri kembangan p cari ngok2..haha

    spend ur money more and get return even more

    Wahh.. never heard of that one before, tapi kalau betul.. bagus juga! :-D

    Aku belum pernah lagi pi Sri Kembangan cari ngok-ngok. Manatau someday aku jalan-jalan sana, terlimpas ko pulak. hehehe..

  4. BorneoLady16

    hey think i love being in KL is the SALE. Klu sale kan, sale gila2 ni…i bet the short might be cool kan???

    and.. I love nandos…Yummy!!!

    True. KL’s sales are crazy!! Honestly.. those shorts were pretty cool also lah. *teehee*


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