Now Everyone Can Withdraw Their PayPal

2nd Nov 2009

I was doing my laundry when I heard my mobile phone beeped. More projects! I thought. Turned out it was my brother.

“Cek out my blog. Got latest good news for PayPal users!”

Must be another trick from him. I thought again. So I took my sweet time with my laundry and breakfast before I finally sat in front of the computer. Turned out he was telling the truth!!!!

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Looks like PayPal finally allow Malaysians to withdraw their money into their Malaysian Bank account! WOOHOOO!! No more using my brother’s service for all my PayPal withdraw. Ha ha! Thank you, PayPal! You made my day today. I can finally get my money faster now. Oooohh.. I can almost imagine that beautiful stone sink in my kitchen….! ^_^

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4 thoughts on “Now Everyone Can Withdraw Their PayPal

  1. Lia Chen

    Is there any charge from your local bank?

    I’m not really sure on that part, Lia. But according to the website, there will be no charges for withdraws amounting to more than RM400 (how much is that in Rupiah?)

  2. Lorna

    Wah, I like the fact that there’s no fee for above RM400 withdrawals! Nanti sia cek. Thanks for the update!

    Mesti banyak duit ko dalam PayPal ni kan? :-P Bah, remember me when you withdraw all the money. Siok juga makan donut ni for hi-tea. :-P


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