Super Obsessed?

18th Nov 2009 in, obsessed with the “Superman”. But I wouldn’t say I’ve reached to that point, yet.

Ever since I saw that singer wore a Supergirl baby-tee at one of the bar here in KL a few months ago, I couldn’t stop thinking of getting one for myself. Not because I think I’d look cute sporting one, but I think it’ll look cute on me. Ha ha ha!

And ever since, I have been pestering my other half about getting me one before Christmas, because obviously, I wanted to wear it during our first flight to KK (as a couple) come December. And I’ll proudly parade in front of my parents so they’ll see what a Supergirl daughter they have. Pun intended.

But where to find one in KL ar?? My other half said you can get them at Metrojaya? Is it true? Because I think I’ve seen them somewhere but I couldn’t remember where exactly….

Anyway, I’m gonna hit Metrojaya this Saturday and see if they’re available. I can’t wait to get one!!

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6 thoughts on “Super Obsessed?

  1. girl

    Hi aunt… I saw that kind of tee…somewhere in One Utama… Banyak dat situ….owez go check on short pants there..In one utama super dc…

    bye…see ya on christmas….


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