Welcome Advent! :)

30th Nov 2009

Yay… Advent is finally here. I’M SO EXCITED I could pee in my pants!!!! xD

But jokes aside, here’s a note I found from my 365 Days With The Lord book that I got from my mom last Christmas. It says: (for November 30th)

If you are suddenly called to go on a mission in a foreign land, would you leave everything behind at once and do what you are told to do?

My honest answer would be… No. Just not yet. Because I want to spend Christmas with my family!! Better still, this would be Bunny’s first Christmas with my family. So excited!! (only I wouldn’t pee in my pants this time. Malulah nanti.. ha ha ha!)

Christmas shopping will begin very soon now… Bunny and I are still undecided on the gifts part for my parents, especially my dad.. Maybe we’ll just get him some plasma mounts for his LCD. lol

PS: Do you like my Christmas theme change? *giggles*

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8 thoughts on “Welcome Advent! :)

  1. ArMs

    Hmm it would be nice if we had snow once in a while muahahaaha… I never felt snow before, so kesian right ;P

    Tu la bah, if we really have snow in Malaysia mesti siok kan? Barulah feels like true Christmas..

  2. claustrawberry

    aaaa…. I love the snow… I love your new layouts :) how did you make it?? :D

    Hi Claudia. You mean the snow or the layout? Hihihihi…. I actually made this layout last year. It’s a recycled one. LOL. As for the snow, it’s a plugin! Cool kan?

  3. claustrawberry

    well I love both.. :) and yeah I mean the snow.. really cool :) can I have the code please, please please ;) I use snow plugin too but i don’t really like it, I need more snowy.. just like yours is perfect :love:

    Hi again, sweetie. I got the plugin from >> here < < but the plugin only works for WordPress tho... T_T


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