6 More Days!

14th Dec 2009

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I probably will have nothing else to post/talk about in this blog but Christmas, Christmas.. and more Christmas.

Last year, my brother requested for a REAL Christmas tree (which is a problem if you’re residing in the areas of Sabah – or anywhere far away from IKEA – because they have like THE BEST real Christmas tree!!). To fulfill his wish, I had to drag my poor cousin to the site where you’ll find a lot of ‘pine’ trees. That fella had to do the chopping and dragging all by himself, because I didn’t want to get my nail polish chipped. :-P

And so, 2008.. we had the most pathetic Christmas tree ever!

Pathetic because there wasn’t a lot of twigs or branches for us to hang the ornaments. And the huge size of the gaps between the branches were not much of a help either. Well.. it wasn’t really THAT bad lah. The tree looked pretty cute on the first day we hung the ornaments. Come the 3rd day, everything started to fell off because the branches were dead and limping! The sight was so heartbreaking, I almost considered a health savings account.

Anyway, this year would probably be a better looking Christmas tree. Ha ha!

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2 thoughts on “6 More Days!

  1. chegu carol

    it still look nice cin altho i may not know how it turned out after the 3rd day la.
    never thought of having real christmas tree cos never see one that is as nice as those in orang putih punya christmas tree :)

  2. Mimi

    I also like a real tree tapi like you said susah mau cari in KK and I don’t want to put it in my apartment in Shah Alam.. Nanti si Noah bikin tempat kencing saja.. I guess if the pine tree grows fully, cantik bah.. Tapi macam in your picture pun actually nice already.

    I have an aunty who has this pine tree outside her house and she decorates them come Christmas.. cantik!


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