Hot Kay-Hell

5th Jan 2010

The one thing I dislike about being back in KL is the heat. Ohhhh yes, THE HEAT. It is so hot over here that my plants died and turned brown when I went back to Sabah for just a week! It is so hot that I couldn’t bring myself to go out of the house to buy myself some lunch in the afternoon – coz the sun and heat is killing me! A prolong stay in this hot city might result in getting a more expensive life insurance for myself. LOL!

OK, I’m just blahbing. I blame the heat lah!!

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2 thoughts on “Hot Kay-Hell

  1. Mimi

    Apa your plant? Some plants can’t stand not watered even for a day.. I gave up having plant long time ago because of my travelings. Kesian your plants kan? BTW, I like that twitter bird of yours!


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