Rumahku Syurgaku

15th Jan 2010

Translated as: My house, my heaven.

My fiance and I had moved into my brother’s beautiful apartment while we search for our own ‘heaven’. Today would be our 2nd day over here and already we’re feeling very at home. He he. I think the house’s feng shui is pretty good for me too. I’m saying that because I just got a few extra assignments today and that means more $$$! Maybe now I can start planning for that new york vacations, ey? :-P

By the way, I’m not the only one feeling at home here in my brother’s place. The cat is enjoying himself as well.

He prefers the balcony more than the living room as compared to our previous house. Maybe he likes the wind (it’s very windy at the balcony) and the sound of the bell coming from the school nearby la.. whatever it is, I’m so glad he enjoys every moment of it.

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3 thoughts on “Rumahku Syurgaku

  1. lindahpadlee

    Hi there,

    really love to see you blog. I meant the colours n everthing, in fact. Would you mind sharing where can i get these types of template?..I already bored with the template supply by wordpress, though i should thank :D. please reply


    Hi Lindah

    So glad to know you like how my blog looked. I’m not really sure where you can get these types of templates out there, for free ones I meant. Maybe you can Google them up? As for mine, it’s a custom made ones made by myself. :-)


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