Sleep Is Important

20th Jan 2010

I know that it is important to get enough sleep. Research proves that people who do not get enough sleep at night are drowsy during the day and are more likely to fall asleep at the traffic lights or when doing romantic things like watching the movie with their loved ones. (Ahem!) And let’s not forget the grumpiness and mood swings that comes with it.

So I was saying, sleeping is important and this point was reinforced on me today. I was out with my girl friend last night that by the time I was home, my fiancé was already sound asleep and the clock was pointing at 3AM. My fiancé woke up and we chatted (because I went out before he got back home and the last time I saw him was in the morning before he left for work and because I miss him! duh!) till 5AM. By the time we doze off, it was close to 6. Poor guy got up at 9AM and was late for work 9 minutes.

As I was saying once again, sleep is important. I couldn’t get out of bed till 1PM today. By the time I turn my notebook on to work on my assignments and web design work, I couldn’t concentrate.

*deep sigh*

It’s almost 6PM now and I still couldn’t concentrate on my work. Maybe I’ll put this off till tomorrow. I don’t want to sacrifice my passion for perfection in doing my job so I guess tomorrow will be the best time to continue. And ohhh would you look at the clock. It’s ticking without pausing. Fiancé’s coming home soon and I gotta prepare the vegetables and meat for him to cook.

By the way, people. He’s the chef. I’m the assistant. We’ve made that pact since the first day we were together. lol

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2 thoughts on “Sleep Is Important

  1. carol

    yup indeed very important but since I have kids I hardly had enough sleep..odoi I really missed my beauty sleep time bujang :-p
    Sometimes I sneak somewhere in the office and Zzzz..during lunch time lah.. otherwise the bosses would give me a piece of ‘love letter’ la pulak

    Oh my, I can imagine what my sleeping pattern would be once I have kids. Odoi! lol

    OK bah sneak somewhere to sleep tu. My friends does that too. Sleeping in the toilet for a while. Ha ha! I think every office should have a short nap time bah. Like they say, power nap. It’s proven to be good tu.

  2. ArMs

    Sleep is indeed important… I think if one doesn’t sleep well, then that person will have sleep paralysis. For example, you know, kena himpit hantu. Somethin like that. I went through that a few times ooo…


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