Sugar, Oh Honey-Honey

16th Jan 2010

I found a very interesting tip today:

HONEY is the BEST alternative to the drug laden cough syrups!

According to Health Hype:

Honey soothes throats and helps calm coughs. Honey is the best alternative to the drug laden cough syrups. Honey has been recommended for ages by grandparents in several cultures like Indian.

A recent study findings have been published in the “Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine” on December 3, 2007. It says that the children who were given a spoonful of ‘buckwheat honey’ just before going to the bed had deep sleep and coughed less. On the other hand, children who received a dose of any generally prescribed ‘over-the-counter cough suppressant’ did not show equal results even any nearer to this level. The level of relief was no way observed in the children who did not receive any medication.

And here I am.. actively taking cough syrups for the past 4 days (all thanks to my VERY stubborn cough) and still coughing like hell when we actually have pure honey over our kitchen counter! I could have had saved a lot on those cough syrups for our movers (like the ones offered by the cross country moving companies) if only I knew about this earlier.


Au-naturel is always the best.

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