A Visit Back To Syberia

9th Mar 2010

I remember the first time I played this game, I was so in love with the graphic and music that I almost cried. lol. But seriously, I’ve never seen such beautiful game like Syberia!

Hats off to Benoît Sokal for creating such an amazing game.

Of course, back in those days, I couldn’t afford to buy the genuine game. I got the cheap CD copy from the local store that sells pirated game disks. lol. Now that I have earned some extra money, I thought it’s just fair that I should get a genuine CD of Syberia as a way of supporting and thanking Benoît for his work. *hee* In other word, I’ve just bought Syberia Collectors Edition (Syberia I & II) off the Net and it’s the genuine one! Yay!!! (It’s not as expensive as clarks shoes – thank goodness – which is good.)

The CD should be arriving in a week or 2 from now and boy, I can’t wait!

By the way, Siberia III will be released this June. YAY!!!!!!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “A Visit Back To Syberia

  1. Mimi

    For a moment there, I thought you were gonna get yourself a Siberian Husky.. Hehehe

    Oh.. I wish I could get a Siberian Husky now! But keadaan rumah tidak mengizinkan bah.. :-(

  2. ALTing

    what’s the game about? adventure/problem solving game ka? i heard about its graphic and how super looking it is..

    Ya, it’s an adventure + problem solving kind of game but with great storyline as well. If you’re into this kind of game, cubalah. Siok bah. :-D


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