How Do You Tell Someone He’s Annoying?

12th Mar 2010

I have this colleague who just loves to sing. He’s like an impromptu singer. He sings every 5 minutes. Sometimes 10. Mind you, he only sings a few words and went silent for a few minutes before suddenly singing again. (And he pronounced words in a very funny way!)

“Ai kat a feelin. Dat tunait’s konna be a kut night..”

OH.MY.GOODNESS. Sometimes I just feel like telling him he’s really not a good singer.

What should I do? How do I tell him?? Should I put some blinds to separate us from him? LOL

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2 thoughts on “How Do You Tell Someone He’s Annoying?

  1. Mimi

    Tell him off ja bah.. I used to work with this one guy who thought he was the only one in the office… Kuat suara dia!! I told him off right there and then tapi tiada effect… hehe


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