The Pursuit Of Lightness

20th Apr 2010

Someone whom I’ve never met for about a year saw my engagement photos recently and commented me as “cute“. I took it as an insult – not from him, but to myself.

I mean.. cute?? What do you mean cute? Plumpy cute? Fatty cute? Or just plain cute? :-P

Whatever it is, I have made it as my main goal this year to lose that cuteness off my body. I don’t want to be the plump girl in the family photos. I don’t want to buy larger size clothes when I go shopping. Heck, even my fiancé said I’m cute!

That said, I am determined to shed a certain amount of pounds off me this year. Err.. the initial plan was to shed those pounds before Gawai (May 2010) but after seeing the little amount of calories I’m allowed to take PER DAY, I decided to extend the target to August 3rd – which was my birthday. lol. That way, I am allowed to eat slightly more calories per day.

Oh by the way, this is what I had for lunch:

Cindy’s super-duper YUMMYlicious salad!!

(I’m just saying that to make me feel better)

Super cheap, affordable, easy to make salad – and it’s only 163 calories!! (according to

Anyway, I’m only on my 2nd day of “salad for lunch” so there’s no changes on my weight yet.. I wonder if I’ll start mooing instead of talking if I continue doing this for the next 40 days?


By the way, I’m soooooo hungry while posting this! I want fried chicken… T_____T

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3 thoughts on “The Pursuit Of Lightness

  1. Massy

    I take an offense when people call me cute too. It felt like an insult hmph~

    But you really ARE cute, massy! :-P I mean, lawa bah. Hehehehe. At the rate you’re going (jogging everyday), there’s no chance that you’ll stay cute lar… unlike me. Hmph!

  2. ALTing

    erm… is that mayo on ur “super-duper YUMMYlicious salad”? heheheh.. i tot using just plain vinaigrette for salad dressing would be healthier?? tapi more sengsara to makan la… heheh…

    Mayo kaitu???!! But the label said “coleslaw”.. hihihih~

  3. emelda

    “I wonder if I’ll start mooing instead of talking if I continue doing this for the next 40 days?” – This cracked me up today…LOL!

    Good luck moi..all the best.. i too am having the same issue now..i wanna lose weight!

    Adidih.. why do you need to lose weight, ah moi??? You’re already have that slim-menyelim body!! Lain lah me.. LOL


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