How To Not Wreck A Beautiful Saturday

8th May 2010

The fiancé is out to work today. Brother and his partner is out to see Klang Valley Unduk Ngadau competition. And the poor me is stuck at home with loads of assignments and blog design requests. (not to mention the tons of emails and requests to reply!) In case you’re wondering WHY on earth did I chose to stay at home when everyone’s out having fun (except for my fiancé lah. hahahaha! kesian.. have to work on a Saturday! :-P) is because I HAVE to finish my work before I start working on Monday.

Yep. I got me a job – an office job where I have to wake up early in the morning to get dress and go to office. Since I’ll be working from Monday to Friday (9am-6pm), I don’t think I’ll have much time to work on my assignments and custom design requests – except on weekends.

So here I am. Taking a break to post in my blogs while everyone else is out there enjoying their weekend with shopping, going for facials, getting acne treatments etc! T_______T The only comfort I have is knowing that my fiancé will be taking me out tonight for some working-clothes shopping. YAY!!! As you might have known, I have been working from home these past 3 years, so the clothes I have in my closets weren’t suitable for office use. (a lame excuse to go shopping bah this) So yeah.. I’ll be out shopping tonight and tomorrow. Yippeeeee!!

Oh by the way, I found my card reader. And here’s what my fiancé bought for us last night (to reminisce the childhood memories konon dia bilang):

It’s the kuih Gula Tarik. Only 3 left out of 6 in a pack. I only managed to eat 1 due to the overly-sweet taste. But no matter, this is still one of my childhood favorite food.

Maybe tonight we’ll buy kuih Licak – just for the sake of our childhood memories. Ha ha!

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