Too Much Monkey Business

9th May 2010

Went to bed pretty late again last night after a night of fun filled with Thai food and barbeque at a Thai friend’s home in Subang. When I awoke, I was in the best mood! Despite being late for mass (again), I find doing laundry a fun thing to do! I mean, it’s Sunday. I knew it would be a great day. How could it not, right?

So I showered, woke my fiancé up and we went for late lunch at KFC. After a little bit of shopping (clothes for my new job. *hee*), we went home to get change and drove over to Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil for a walk/jog.

My intention was to walk/jog to burn off some calories, while the fiancé kept himself busy with taking photos of the animals there. There were monkeys too!

Mind you, these monkeys are well fed! There were loads of packed food and fruits all over them, donated by people who come to visit the park everyday. I saw a whole watermelon, bananas, mangoes..ever a plastic filled with grapes was offered! With that amount of foods they have every day, I wonder if they even grow fat from that. But from what I saw, none of these monkeys looked obese. Good diet pills that work was offered to them too, perhaps? lol

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