Oh, the pain!

24th Aug 2010

Hey! So…I went rock-climbing last weekend with my siblings. It’s hard to climb, breathe and wanting to pass out at the same time, especially when it is your first rock-climbing. But I did it! When you finally reached the top, I tell you.. the feeling beats the happy feeling you get when he proposed you with a diamond encrusted ring! lol

My body ached for first 3 days – I can’t even brush my teeth without going Ouch! Adui! Waaaaah!! It’s getting better tho. I can finally bend to tie my shoelaces once again.

If you haven’t tried this sport, then you should. It’s so much FUN!

PS: Pardon me for the icky photo quality. Handphone murah bah. :-P

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6 thoughts on “Oh, the pain!

  1. chegu carol

    really, this sport looks so much fun. looks like sajalah…dunno if sia betul2 try, buli sampai kah tida di atas.

    Mimang siok! Samapi aku sanggup beli kasut khas dia walaupun aku tengah pokai. lol.

    Badan you ringan, mesti senang naik sampai atas tu. Like me, sangat berat. Took me 2 tries baru sampai di top. :-(

  2. shirley aka beautiza

    this sport seems interesting..macam sya mo cuba oh.. dapat smpai or not tu blakang kira..tapi tu gayat tu yg sya worry sikit plak..

    Marilah cuba, Shirley. Very interesting! The sweating part is the best! Who knows by the time you’re halfway up there, your gayat pun hilang sudah. :D

  3. Lorna

    Wow, shiok! Mcm belum ada lagi ni di Sabah, kan?

    I’m not sure, but according to my friend, there’s 1 in Putatan and another is er.. I forgot where. They are also opening one soon in Keningau – according to my friend la. I also heard that it’s more expensive to rock climb in Sabah than here in KL.

  4. Mimi

    Errr… I’ll pass.. There’s one near my place here in Shah Alam Sect 13, every night ramai orang but I’m not made for this sport la.. hehehe

    Ohhhh! I have a few friends who goes to that place everyday! They said it’s one of the most challenging place tu. Hehehehe. OK juga bah this sport, if you’re into panjat-panjat lah. :-P

  5. marmalade

    sa mau! tapi dapat ka sa naik tu ah? panjat pokok pun macam nda buli suda.. :B

    If you can climb trees (now or then) then sure bulih punya. lol


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