Vitamin D ..well, almost

16th Aug 2010

Yesterday, after mass, my brother wanted to stop by Sunway Pyramid to get some stuff for his mobile phone. Like every other weekends, there was no parking spot available so we had to drive around for about 15 minutes before finding our way at the rooftop – an open space parking. It’s beautiful up there!

After spending about an hour at the mall eating McDonald’s ice-cream (which my sister end up eating them for me), window shopping, looking at power wheels and action figure figurines, we decided to get out of the mall and get home to get ready for our evening activity – to jog.

It was about to rain when we reached the parking lot: strong wind and dark sky greeted us – and my fiancé suggested we take photos just for the fun of it.

We had to take a few shots to get the so-called perfect shot. The wind was too strong that it kept blowing my fiancé’s hair to his face.

Nevertheless, everyone had fun laughing at the rooftop.

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4 thoughts on “Vitamin D ..well, almost

  1. Massy

    The gewd part about having short hair in this case mwahhaha! XD bestnya! I oso want to blog my “short” hair in strong wind. OH! Needs to check if I brought along my clips today, it’d be troublesome to jog with my hair covering my eyes.

    Betul!! Or unless you tie your long hair lah. Hehehe.

    I am currently in the process of keeping my hair long – but the in between process is soooo menggeramkan. The hair looks fugly so I had to tie them in an extremely short ponytail now. I can’t wait for it to grow again!!

    You jog after kerja? Straight from work? Wahhh.. siok lah. I think I wanna go for a jog also lah today. :-)

  2. PapaJ

    nah kan.. after eating vogok from previous comment, need to say thank you to “moing”. I LIKE IT. hahhaa

    waaaah kuatnya tu angin… kau punya tunang jugalah champin sini. kesian ndak nampak muka bah.. hahahha.

    trus teringat SLASH.. the power guitarist!!! Awesome~!

    Siok bah main di angin kuat-kuat ni. Macam buat iklan syampu pun ada. hehehe


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