8 Days A Week

13th Oct 2010

Obviously, we only have 7 days a week, but I really wish we have 8! But anyway, that’s a song by The Beatles, in case you don’t know it. ;-P

So, I’ve been working hard lately that my last post in this blog was like…er… so many days ago. I’ve been really, REALLY busy. So far, I started this week in a not-so-good way.

1. I had gastric attack again. Took MC to rest at home.

2. Found out from an old friend that a friend’s sister went missing in Kota Kinabalu.

1. Still on MC because the gastric attack just wouldn’t leave me alone.

2. Received the bad news about the friend’s sister. Her body was found dumped at some bushes in King Fisher park. *sigh* What has the world turn into??

1. Back to work. Found out that my trainee has submitted her resignation. She’ll be around till Friday. OMG.. I’ll be back to square one – lots of work to do with no assistant!!! NOT my fault tho. She lives quite far from our workplace (she actually has to travel by cab and the commuter to get here!) But thank goodness my boss gave me a good news too. A new replacement is on it’s way – and it happened to be a cute guy! LOL (OK….we’ll see)

2. Some moola just arrived into my account – for some custom work I did previously. YAY! Some money to buy some engraved gifts for Christmas!!


Yet to come. Let’s see what Thursday have in store for me…. *fingers cross*

(Oh by the way, I have like tons of people to call tomorrow. There’s the Berjaya Hotel, Melia Hotel, etc) :-(

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