A case of a bad Photoshop’ing

23rd Nov 2010

I wish we have Sephora in Malaysia. I also wish that Sephora ships international so I could get my hands on their Eyeshadow Premier and Naked makeup palette! But Mimi informed me that works are in progress at Starhill Gallery for the grand opening of Sephora – in Malaysia. YAY!

And since I do not have to buy online for Urban Decay products anymore, I went surfing the Net for face ampoules – which brought me into a blog of a lady who runs an online business selling makeup and beauty product. What caught my attention was not the items she sold, but the images she used for a certain local Malaysian company (I think it’s a Malaysian company from their URL?) that sells beauty product.

Look at the model in the posters:
(Click to enlarge)

One does not need the use of Nikon binoculars to tell that it was Mena Suvari’s head they used on top of the model’s body!

AND, is that even legal to use a celebrity’s face to promote your items? I can bet that Mena Suvari did NOT endorse their products, judging from her photos…

But anyway, my point here is, this is a bad Photoshop work. They should’ve hired me in the first place. :-P

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