Merry Meri Christmas

17th Nov 2010

I feel weird. I keep trying to explain it to my fiancé but I can’t really put my finger on it. It’s not PMS or high blood pressure. I’m just having stomachache since morning and it felt like I’m having gastric attack longer than usual. I should drink some Baileys and go to sleep..

Anyway, I think this cupcake set from Meri-Meri is CUTIELICIOUS!

I mean, the fiancé and I has been talking about Christmas dinner and what we’ll prepare/cook for the occasion.. having some Christmas cupcake would be a perfect addition, right?

[looks at empty purse]

Oh nevermind.

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One thought on “Merry Meri Christmas

  1. massy

    You got gas? Can’t wait for xmas. Oh wait, I’m actually feeling nausea thinking about December. I’m flying to KL on 17th and coming back on 23rd then BBQ on 30th woohoo!

    I think so lar ni.. Eh, you’re coming to KL?? Wahh.. shopping trip? :-)


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