Solitary Life

13th Nov 2010

My new home office is almost at the last stage of completion. I still need a few pots of flowers for the table and probably a few new racks to put my books and figurines on. Also, maybe a brand new computer for all my designing works. Much like my own hard drive, my notebook’s brain is FULL and it’s causing all kinds of problem.

Everyone’s out of the house right now. It’s only me and 98 Degrees playing on the radio. I feel like baking but I’ve ran out of butter. The weather’s too hot for me to go outside and get one. I wanted to do some workout exercise, but there’s the contractor people just outside my balcony doing the painting.

Maybe I should just work on my project. 5 days of reading/editing codes (which in time produces forehead wrinkles on me) and drawing graphics, I don’t think adding another day would make it worse.

Wish me luck.

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