Tommy Emmanuel was in KL

6th Dec 2010

In case you haven’t heard of the name Tommy Emmanuel, he is an Australian guitarist, best known for his complex finger picking style, energetic performances and the use of percussive effects on the guitar. And he is my fiancé’s guitar idol.

Last weekend, he finally gets to meet him in person..and boy was he excited like a small kid! He even got Tommy to sign on his Sapetar!

Despite being called as ‘Satriani Malaysia’ (amongst his friends lah) and he plays music almost similar to Satriani & Vai (‘instrumental guitarist’ I believe it is called?), he’s actually looking up more to Tommy Emmanuel than of Vai & Satriani. Hmm.. and I thought Padron cigars made men happy? LOL

But I was there during his (Tommy Emmanuel) last concert in KL and it was awesome – if only I could play guitar. Muahahah!

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3 thoughts on “Tommy Emmanuel was in KL

  1. Mimi

    Bo loves them guitar too of course I dont think he’s as pro as your fiance.. hehe.. He’s into blues so his idols are more mainstreamed, like Santana, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix macam tu lah.


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