Awesomely Awesome

8th Mar 2011

So I’ve just told someone how I hate my current job and that I wanted to join her in her world. She promised to help me in every way she can, if she can. So where am I going next?


And I’m beginning to think that my blog posts are getting really boring lately with all the rubbish that I post and photos are almost non-existent. Well I’m sorry, but I just moved to a new place. Again. Let me re-arrange everything (and get my new IKEA work desk) before I start posting photos again and invite you over for a BBQ. YES, you can BBQ at my new place! Can even wear bridesmaid dresses while you’re at it and non of those kepoh neighbors will question you. LOL!

In the meantime, I have one important mission:


I’m gonna do something for myself and turn it into an awesome one!

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