No shit

17th Mar 2011

I was at the pharmacy last Monday, in search of a miracle product that would turn me skinny overnight. I was told by the lady who served me that no such thing existed, but if I were to go for the right way, detox would it. She picked a box of “A box” that contains Hydrolyzed Collagen for firmer skin (among others) that, according to her, has been proven to make you lose weight and see the result in just 1 week!

“Have you tried the product yourself?”, I asked.

“No, but my colleague did.”

She called upon her colleague who was browsing through a magazine of home lighting fixtures, who upon hearing my quest to a firmer and slender body, admitted about the power of The box. That other woman was plump, of course – which popped the question in my mind – she took The box and still looking like that?!!

But the positive side of me took me over. She probably was fat huge before taking the box, now she’s plump. And to make long story short, I bought The box. Until I see changes in my body, I will call it The box. If it works, you shall hear the good news.

As of now, I am detoxing and just shitting myself.

Literally, of course.

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