Some days are good days

26th Mar 2011

One of the (few) things that I’ve complained about working at night is that I don’t get to watch my favorite TV shows anymore. And since I spend most of my daytime (sleeping) working on my freelance job, I hardly have the time to do other things – apart from doing laundry, of course. And I’m getting very little sleep these days.

We went home about 5 in the morning last night because some friends decided to party extra longer. But it was fun. Another friend of mine and myself managed to drink up a whole bottle of whiskey and still managed to stay sober! I know I WAS sober because I can still remember the exact word of a new friend to me. He said,

“You’re a very bright girl. I can tell that you’re a very bright girl. You shouldn’t waste your time here. Migrate!”

I don’t know if that was the beer talking, but he was obviously looking very sober. And he promised me a puppy!

There’s gonna be another party tonight. Hopefully they won’t drag it all the way till sunrise or else I’d have to check myself into the Blue Cross North Carolina.

But it was all fun. Good fun.

PS: I wonder where I kept my DSLR and the card reader?!

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