Losing the mojo

21st Apr 2011

The first thing I did when I wake up this morning was to brush my teeth and doing all the things you do when you’re in the bathroom. Then I pick the dirty linens and head to the washing machine at the back to get them cleaned. Went straight to my computer table then and start checking on my emails and Facebook. And twitter. Non involved the blog. Oh yes, I’m getting tired of blogging.

Perhaps, the excitement of writing something in my blog has slowly fade away since I started to talk on twitter and Facebook. Perhaps the mojo’s gone? Or maybe there’s just nothing much to tell about my life anymore – because as I grow up, I start to think that some things are meant to be private. I know my ex-boyfriend reads my blog and perhaps some other people I know (but I do not want to know) reads my blog as well…

And maybe there’s more to life than telling the world what you’re up to. Like how I am going through a not-so-strict-diet right now and that I’ve lost 3kgs so far. Ha ha ha! Oh yeah… pretty soon I could fit myself into that full figure lingerie, eh? *excited*

Or perhaps I should post my before and after picture over here when I managed to hit my target weight for all to see and for my ex-boyfriend to see: so he’ll know what a hot woman I am now (soon). LOL!

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One thought on “Losing the mojo

  1. kaDusMama

    ehehehe you are not alone….!!! (sing ala2 micheal jackson)..
    Sia pun malas juga.. :) almost 1 tahun baru my blog kena update..hahaha
    nda pa..yang penting sia nampak ko di FB..:)

    I think ramai bloggers kena this penyakit sudah kan? But like you said, yang penting kita masih ‘ada’ di FB. *hee*


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