Sunday blaberring..

15th Jan 2012

Hot, sunny afternoon. I feel like baking a rainbow cake, or at least try a new recipe: cheesecake maybe. But the only thing I have in the kitchen that could bake a cake (or make a cake) is the oven. The one oven that used to sit in my mom’s kitchen doing nothing but bake cakes once a year – during Christmas, that is. Now it sits in MY kitchen, doing nothing. That poor oven. I’m gonna need more than an oven to bake a cake. I need ingredients. A cake mixer. Yes, I really need a cake mixer. Can someone send me one, if you’re not using it anymore? Ha ha!

Anyway, my sister suggested to me that we should sign up for the Mount Kinabalu climbing expedition come February. “There’s a promo going on!”, she said. Uhm.. first of all, I’m not THAT fit. Yet. Second of all, I do not have all the equipments or clothes for that. Most importantly.. I do not have that enthusiast, yet. Maybe when I’m done with my 30 Days Shred, I will consider it.

Anyway..’s so hot today. Anyone for ice-cream? Let’s head to the beach!

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