Eat this!

23rd Feb 2012

So today is the starting day of Lent. Less food eating, more praying. Ngam kaitu?

Got the ash on my forehead yesterday at St. Thomas Church, Kepayan. We got there half an hour earlier and only to find that it was packed with people and there was no seat left! For the first 15 minutes we were standing, my fiance was already complaining. 20 minutes later, I complained how painful my legs are. Then we poked my sister’s back.


“We’re leaving.”

“But we just arrived like 20 minutes ago?!”


So we I forced myself to take the pain, took my lavender-colored hand fan out of my bag and start fanning myself. It’s burnin hot, yo! Anyway, I must say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the choirs of St. Thomas Church, Kepayan. They have awesome song arrangement and beautiful voices (tho there are some salah gitar code at some certain songs, but all is forgiven!) and great choice of hymns. Me loike! Oh! I also love the fact that they used a piano (using a keyboard) for most of their hymns. Sooooo nice. Thumbs up for your guys and girls at St. Thomas Church, Kepayan. :-)


I know it’s the month of Lent and we’re supposed to humble ourselves, be kind, pray always and all that goodie stuff.. but I think it’s not so wrong to show off a bit of a design work that I did last week. I made a custom design blog!

What do you think, nice kah? I’m open to criticism (yang membina). :-P But if you think it’s nice, then, THANK YOU! *hee*

Oh! Just so you know.. we managed to go through the whole session of Ash Wednesday mass. I sang ALL of the hymns and we left the church after the mass ended.

God bless.

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One thought on “Eat this!

  1. Arms

    I hope HE forgives me. I didn’t attend Ash Wednesday this year :(

    Awesome o ko kan. Gitar salah code also you can detect ;D Mesti kamu adik-beradik ni kaki musik hehee.

    Ba happy Wednesday, Cindy.

    Cindy said: God is ever forgiving. That was my first Ash Wednesday after sooooo many years. LOL

    Kaki music? Buli la.. but not a pakar in music la. He he. Happy Wednesday to you too!


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