God is good :)

19th Feb 2012

I can’t say this enough, but, yes, God is good!

This could be one of the hardest post I’ve ever made.

The couple of months since we moved to this city, I have to say that..life has not been so easy on us. My fiancé’s father passed away. Money was spent on the emergency flight tickets to Sarawak (which happened to fall on a public holiday and all the flight tickets were understandably expensive!), casket, burial etc. A lot of money has also been spent on the shipping of our car and our stuffs over. And there’s also the down-payment for the apartment that we were gonna rent (which is where we currently reside right now), flight tickets for two, car insurance & road tax to renew, money to buy things for the house (we literally have nothing brought over from our previous place but clothes, DVD, cute stuff that I collect etc) and none very useful for a new home. All in the same month! And the heart-breaking part was, we had to leave our cats behind because we couldn’t afford to bring them over. I did not know that it is SUPER EXPENSIVE to ‘migrate’ a cat over! My only consolation is that the cats are living a happy life in a new home right now. All my sincere thanks to the ever so helpful Mimi. Without her help, the idea of having the cats roam around the old house is terrifying enough!

So we basically had to fork out our dear life savings to get stuff filled into our new ‘home’: stuff like stove, mattress, chairs, dining table, plates, forks, spoon, yadda yadda. I am so grateful to my parents, especially my mom who has lent us a lot of her stuff from home, just so our home will feel more like a.. home. With pots and pans.

And then my laptop died. DIED. Along with all the precious files inside. If you didn’t know, my laptop is my source of income. I make money through that laptop, you know, design stuff. With the demise of that poor old laptop, I had no choice but to again, break the piggy bank.

To add salt to injury, out of the few (if not, many) job applications that I applied for, almost none of them even bother to contact me. Not for this 1 job, however, which would require me to work over 12 hours per day with a salary that could not even cover my monthly expenses and entertainment! OK, well, not exactly entertainment. Maybe my basic makeup needs. And hair color. And if you should know, financial problems could lead into depression.. and so are questions like:

“When are you getting married?”

“How long has it been between you two?”

Do you know how hurtful it is to hear some meanypants ask you the same question over and over again?

I would liken it to a root canal, except that I’ve never had a root canal done in my life.

But God is good. He has always been good to me. When life turns sour, He doesn’t give me lemonade. Instead, He always, ALWAYS managed to find a way to solve my problems.

As most of you know, I have been a freelance graphic designer since I started this blog. I’m not saying that I’m super good, but this God-given talent of mine has been feeding our mouths and assisted in making the ends meet. And buy me hair colors. This past month, I have been getting requests after another for designing work: web design, blog design, wedding card design etc. And the biggest Valentine’s gift from The Man Above would be the project we hit from one of the State Govt department. Good times!

Also, I managed to finish working on a client’s blog design today. I helped her setup her new design on her blog host since the coding looked rather scary (to a non CSS or HTML reader) and I guess she was happy with my service, she gave me a $100 tip! USD 100 for a tip!!

God is really good, eh? And so is that kind woman. She also taught me to speak Finnish. Ei se mitään. That means, no problem! :-)

The strange thing is that, I had just made a baby poster recently for a dear friend of my fiancé – for free. (He’s expecting his 1st born who could be born anytime soon so I thought a baby poster would be nice for him and his wife as it would make a nice picture in the baby room.) And now, I am getting the reward from God for being kind. He he. This is what I made for them:

I guess that when you do good to others, good will come back to you. Maybe I’ll earn enough this year to get myself a brand new car. *hee*


Oh! Life is getting better. My fiancé’s getting on track with his new job and his kind company is paying him real good money. And yesterday, while I was working on a design, he suddenly came up to me to kiss my forehead, telling me that he loves me. How sweet is that? We also bought a puppy and we named him Hachiko, after that famous Japanese dog. My custom-made chic, country-style sofa arrived this evening and I’m so in love with it! The apartment is starting to really look like a home now!

Well, OK. I have to stop posting. Plenty of work to be done. I am already behind schedule!

Thank you, God and all the good people in Heaven. :-)

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3 thoughts on “God is good :)

  1. chegu carol

    im very sorry to hear about the demise of Jaya’s father and all the unfortunate events that happened all around the same time. but glad to know that good things are slowly coming in. there’s always a silver lining behind the dark clouds bah kan.


    Cindy said: Thank you, chegu. :-) Ya bah, I guess life do has it’s ups and downs.. but without the down, one will never appreciate the up!


  2. Stella

    life is just like a wheel. there’s up and down. Indeed, GOD is good. He let us to experienced the downs so that we will appreciate things more. :)

    Cindy said: True, true. :-) And oh.. thank you for dropping by, Stella. You have an awesome blog!

  3. Nessa

    awww… i love post from the heart… thank you for sharing. funny pula sia dpt ‘tukung’ as the anti-spam word. well, tukung is a place to pray kan, so ada jua kana mengana sama dis post :)

    reminds me of the phrase someone shared on FB a couple of weeks back… something like… ‘God won’t put you through anything you can’t handle’ or something like dat la.

    Cindy said: I think I saw that quote from somewhere too (but not from FB la)..and memang betul. He won’t put you through anything that He know you can’t handle. Amen!

    And btw, sia sekarang rajin bakar tu kemenyan yg mcm sana tukung cina pakai tu. But not the panjang-panjang one la.. just the mini one. Siok ba. I read that it helps to cast bad spirit away. Dunno true or not, but I like. Sometimes I used them incense that you can buy from the Christian store.. it makes my apartment smells like Easter Vigil mass!


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