Knockin’ on heaven’s door..

9th Feb 2012

For whatever reason, I’m beginning to pray as often as I could again. Maybe because I’m close to broke, maybe it’s just a New Year resolution thingy, or maybe… I am regaining my faith again. I wish I knew the exact reason for it.

Last night I was up late, working on some designing work that could earn me a few bucks, maybe even spare some changes to get them ralph lauren coupons for Christmas. I swear to God I heard ‘something’ at the door. Even the puppy looked puzzled and angry when it happened. I really should move to another apartment!

Currently working on this:


My laptop is sadly demised. Maybe it was her ‘spirit’ that came to visit, since she never said her goodbye before ‘leaving’ away with my greatest possessions with her: my collection of beautiful (purchased) fonts, work portfolio, graphic elements, PS brushes etc. *sigh* This is the reason I’m broke and started to pray. My laptop died so a replacement is urgently needed for my piling graphic design works. :-( Anyway, I’m posting this blog post from my new desktop. *hee* I opted for a desktop instead of a laptop because I think it’s better for my graphic design activity. And since I just hit a new project with one of the dept (Govt Dept).. I’ll be making some extra $$$! Maybe I’ll get a brand new laptop with that $$$!!

Or save them in ASB.

Maybe get a new iPad.

Or just save them in ASB for rainy days.

Maybe get a brand new iPhone4.

or just save in ASB.


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One thought on “Knockin’ on heaven’s door..

  1. Arms

    Don’t buy I-Phone! Beli la Android phone. Tunggu Samsung s3 keluar la hehee.

    Happy weekend, Cin!

    Cindy said: Why lar.. iPhone cantik bah. Ha ha ha ha! Even my brother is trying to make me join the Android community. Am still loyal to Blackberry right now! :-P


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