Cute pens for cute girls. (like me) Ha!

30th Mar 2012

My Korean pens finally arrived today! ^__^

I have 7 of them in 7 different colors and patterns. So happieeee! I don’t know what I’m gonna do with them yet, but one thing for sure is that the pink polka dot one is going to sit in my pink organizer. The other 6? Well.. maybe give share with my fiance or give them away as gifts to family or friends. OR I can keep them all to myself. Huahahaha! They’re too cute, I feel like sleeping with them oh. Should the need for a gift arises, there’s always other options. For instance, I can get birthday gifts for mom at Sharis Berries or just pay a visit to eBay and look for other cute things.

As for now, I am really, really happy with my new pens. :-)

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4 thoughts on “Cute pens for cute girls. (like me) Ha!

  1. chegu carol

    nahhhhh ada sudah pen pink polka dot kau cin! i didnt find one as u requested in HK but you get something else. belum kirim lagi ehehe

    Cindy said: Palan-palan, cikgu. No rush. I was thinking abt this pen laitu when I msg you coz I thought maybe HK pun ada something similar. :-D

  2. Arms

    Do they have macho pens for macho guys? Wakakaa. And I’m not saying I’m macho. I am the direct opposite of macho. Apaka tu. LOL.

    Happy weekend, Cin!

    Cindy said: Err…there’s one with bunnies printed all over the pen. Macho enough ka dat? I gave one to Jaya. Ha ha ha!

  3. lucie

    where are they from?? could you give me a link to buy them?? i want them soooooo bad!! :)

    Cindy said: Hi Lucie. A friend in Korea got them for me. :-)


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