Some things are worth buying

29th Mar 2012

Just got back from watching a movie with my sibling and man. We watched ‘The Lorax’. Yeah.. we were pretty left behind these days with the movies, given the busy schedule we live nowadays. But it was the first movie we watched since moving back here.. and it was an awesome experience! First of all, there were only 8 of us (me, my sibling, my fiance and 5 other patrons) in the whole wide room: 8 of us laughing and 8 of us eating popcorns. (well I guess the other patrons were having popcorns as well..) I wish we could go over and share our foods with them like I did back in the West, when there were 4 of us in the room. LOL

So the movie Lorax. It was a great movie, educating us humans on how important trees are.

Do you love trees?

I do.

I remember as a child, my parents had to chop off this tree at our backyard because it was tilting towards our home from the hill (could fall on our house anytime, my mom said) and there I was, feeling sad and angry for having to witness the ‘killing’ of a tree. I wanted to scream and stop them. I didn’t feel like talking to them after. Of course, it was for the safety of our family and I was just too emotional with the tree chopping. Now a grown up girl, I would LOVE to have my house surrounded by beautiful trees. But I couldn’t. It impossible to have a tree in an apartment! So what did I do? I buy potted plants of course. It’s not a lot, but I’ve got a few pots already. Currently, I’m sowing a few Aristotle Basils in my pink pot and I can’t wait to see them grow beautifully! The seeds are quite pricey (got it from eBay, of course) but it’s cheaper than getting a djarum. Besides, it’s so much healthier. *wink* Wish me luck in my green finger endeavor. :-P

Also, I’d like to share a photo of my idol with everyone today.

That’s Cristina Vujnich. My idol. I have her photo on my computer. I have her photos on my noticeboard. Now I have her in my blog! ;-D

She’s hot! Kaaaan?

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