Blackout. Pretty much a normal Monday.

30th Apr 2012

So the whole Sabah (and Labuan?) went total blackout since 3:30am today. Something went kaboom somewhere in Bundusan and everyone slept in the heat. To be honest, I didn’t even noticed the ac went off because I was too beat up from the weight training last night so my sleep was a good one. But since we had to send a friend to the airport today, I had to wake up early – that’s how I find out that we have no electricity. Cold shower in the morning is good!

Anyway, I have no complain for it. By 7am, we got the power restored: hurray! I can get back to work later and work on my already piling work.

Here’s what I did just recently:

A Sabahan board game design for a client. No idea what they gonna do with the board, probably open up a stall during the Kaamatan festive at KDCA? If yes, then siok lah! My design will be on display for people to see and buy!!!! ;-D Pretty soon, I might be able to get a brand new laptop (with the help of lenovo coupons untuk berjimat) with more requests of designs coming in!

Wokay. Signing off and back to work.

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