Hot, hot, hot!

15th Apr 2012

It’s late Sunday night and I am working. If you think working from home is so much fun, try having a never-ending lists of things (work) to do.

But it’s ok. Like my brother used to say, busy means $$. But as much as I do enjoy working on odd hours, I can NOT deal with this hot weather. Humid too! We have air-cond, of course, but how can I use them 24/7? Not only it’ll boost our electricity bill, it is also not really good for me skin. *hee* So the solution?


Gawd, I think I showered like 4 times already today. It’s so HOT! It’s like sitting in a sauna and melting your fats away. So much better than having those myoripped side effects lah… But still.. Can’t we Malaysian for once enjoy a nice, cold winter?? :-(

Anyway, just wanna post this work I did for a production company in the US recently. A logo touch-up.

Nice? ^_^

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2 thoughts on “Hot, hot, hot!

  1. Arms

    I really like the logo. Hmm, you do freelancing macam tu ba kan. How much do you charge to make a logo for a personal blog? Hehee just asking.

    Cindy said: Ya, now doing freelance sudah ni. No company in Sabah wanna hire me, so I work on my own. Hahahaha! Currently am running a small biz with my brother baini for designing stuff. So far so good, cukup makan juga lah. :-P

    Logo? Ko mau logo apaini? Gambar tangan-tangan?


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