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2nd Apr 2012

So the weather has been like yo yo these past few days. Sekejap hujan, sekejap panasssss! (sort of translated to: ‘one moment it rains, then it turns scorching hot!) I’m beginning to think that my blonde hair doesn’t make any difference (despite not being black and absorbing heat. ha ha!) Maybe I should return to being a brunette. But my hair’s already in a deep-fried situation. Hmm. Maybe just wait till I finish that whole jar of hair-mask and see if it do any good, then only I’d consider dying (as in ‘dye’ .. not comitting suicide!) them.

In the meantime, I’ll stay blonde with some brunette already growing at the roots. Fugly. But who cares. I still make money nonetheless. *hee*

Presenting me latest design work.

A logo.

For a new jewelry in the USA.


And speaking of new design, I wonder when I can start working on my new blog skin. I’m so sick of my current blog look! I need more time so I can finish everything and start working on my own blog! >______<

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One thought on “{recent.work} TwoPear Logo

  1. Massy

    Simple and nice the logo.

    I’m also sick and tired of my current layout. The other day I tried designing a new banner kan, epic fail o.

    Cindy said: Hehe.. ya, the client asked for a logo with 2 pears. I came up with that. Nasib baik she loved it!

    I guess everyone must be sick of their own blog skin..coz I noticed mcm everyone pun still using the same blog skin they have since like.. ages ago? lol


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