Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan

1st Jun 2012

1 day late, but it’s never too late for everything bah, kan?

So I went to the Kaamatan bazaar with my family on the 29th and celebrated Kaamatan with the rest of the Sabahans on the 30th. It was sooo happening, I tell you! Despite the scorching hot sun, I managed to survived the heat and still able to walk and laugh in style. LOL

I love how the people of Sabah dressed in their traditional costume, dancing and enjoying themselves. I have to admit, I do not have their strength to do all that. Not in this hot weather. I can NOT imagine myself wearing a Kadazan costume, dancing and drinking.. I would’ve died of heat stroke! Maybe bagus lagi kalau baju Rungus. It’s sexy and more airy – but the accessories are damn heavy!

…but I love the Kadazan Papar costume!

I wonder if my family would allow me to wear Papar’s costume on my wedding day instead of a Kadazan Penampang or Rungus’ costume. Cantik bah!!! And since my aunt Zai insist that “You MESTI wear Rungus costume bah. Trust me, tidak lagi kau akan pakai tu sampai bila-bila..Kahwin saja you use.” ..maybe I’ll ask her to let me wear Papar instead. LOL

Oh, I heard that 6 vehicles has been stolen from those who parked outside KDCA? Kesiannya… bloody thieves punya kerja! Next time just bring a bike saja to KDCA. Maybe bikes are not as popular as cars/trucks to these thieves. *sigh*

Well, once again.. KOTOBIAN TADAU TAGAZO DO KAAMATAN and GAYU GURU GERAI NYAMAI to all my readers/silent readers! ;-)

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One thought on “Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan

  1. chegu carol

    my dad’s a paparian so that makes me half paparian, half keningau….when i was still bujang, relatives asked me to join UN in Papar but I strongly say no. I didn’t want to wear the Kadazan Papar cos I was so conscious of how fat my calves were…when i got married, dad suggested that i wore Papar costume instead of the Penampang costume. Again I said no bcos of my calves as well as fearing it wud be too hot during the wedding…now, to think of it again…bila la saya ada chance pakai baju Papar lagi? Sayang juga….


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