{Recent Work} Chic Biz Card – FOR SALE!

21st Jun 2012

So I created a biz card for a client recently. 2 designs in particular.

This was the first proposed design:

She chose the latter design (which I would only post it later, after everything’s confirmed and done).

And now I have an extra chic biz card design for sale!

If you’re interested to buy this LIMITED EDITION biz card design (Limited as in available to ONLY ONE PERSON – on first come first serve basis), let me know! This biz card design goes for $50 only and the only customization I can do for the card design will be the ones written in fonts. No color change, no font change, no image editing whatsoever. And certainly no claiming to have made this card yourself or I’ll throw a pebble at you! *kidding*!! :D

As for printing? Well, you can either print it yourself or let me do the printing (high-quality, professional print) too. But of course, printing will be on extra charge.

So if you’re in need of a chic biz card for yourself, why not get this one? I’m sure your customers will be impressed when they see your card! :D

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2 thoughts on “{Recent Work} Chic Biz Card – FOR SALE!

  1. Arms

    I like this design. Cantiks!

    She chose the 2nd design. That means lagi mantap dari yang ini la tu kan hehee. Ba looking forward to seeing the design ;)

    Oya, happy Saturday, Cindy!

  2. cindy Post author

    Buli bah, Arms. Once everything is settled (payment + printing segala) I will post the design over here.

    Happy Monday! (sorry, lambat bah menjawab) *hee*


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