So I changed my theme..

14th Jun 2012

And I’m pretty proud of it, even tho I had to stay up all night setting it up. Yes, yes, I know.. it’s pretty messy here and there and some of the codes aren’t working, yet. But at least I’m no longer using the old theme. Oh yeahhhhh!!!!!

And for the record, I still have lots of pending designs in my hand. There’s this blog design for another blogger friend to do.. and then there’s this business card for a client that I have to work on. And oh, there’s also this advertisement I HAVE to work on pretty soon or someone will get really pissed at me. >___< ... Well I better get to sleep and wake up early tomorrow to continue with my pending work. And before I go, here's a photo of my baby boy with that poor selipar Jepun of his papa. Ha ha ha!

(By the way, he has LOTS of toys at home but he STILL prefers to bite our shoes, slippers and my bra! OMG)

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8 thoughts on “So I changed my theme..

  1. cindy Post author

    Chii – Bah, when I’m sick of it..I’ll give it to you. But problem is, I’m too lazy to create another theme. Maybe in another 2 years la.. lol

    Massy – All our shoes simpan either atas almari or at the very top of the shoerack. Bawah-bawah part semua empty. Heiiii… nakal betul la that dog. >__<

  2. Nessa

    aritu sy nampak ko tulis d FB pasal kuih UFO… just a few days ago saw the pic… nah kan ni hari sy dapat anti spam word pun kuih UFO… hahaha! Baikla nanti sy balik kampung misti mo pi cari itu kuih. Mana gia mo dapat tu kuih UFO??

    eeeee santik oh your new blog theme ni. so sweet sweet girly girly theme. Very aptly Cindy bah :D Doi sy punya blog bersarang bersawang behabuk suda oh… kadang ada hati mo tulis but then I decided not to. tia tau la macam butul2 malazzzzz suda mau tulis. No hope suda sy ni :( Tapi rajin jg renew domain ba… sayang juga mo kasi mati itu nama. Ah well, mayne one fineeee day. Adeeeiii panjang juga potpetpotpet sy ni. Eh better go and do something to bring in the $$!

    oh itu selipar jipun teda harapan suda…

  3. cindy Post author

    Nessa – Ereiiii… ko MESTI try tu kuih UFO. Sadap ohhh and I heard only in Sabah ada mai tu. See, even the anti-spam knows that you should. LOL

    Can find at area Iramanis, Tg. Aru and Lido sana. But the pasar Lido sana not recommended, always teda bikin. When I asked why no UFO, the lady answered, “Anak boss baru balik semalam.” So?? Ish.. everyday ada alasan oh. Not consistent menjual. Iramanis sana I can guarantee: hari-hari ada! Bah, nanti kita pigi minum petang la together next time u balik. :P

    Bah, rajin-rajin la bah ko memblog. I also malas tahap gaban this..but I just got an email reminder to pay for my host and domain by end of next month. Adei.. $$$$ lagi..

  4. cindy Post author

    Hi Mochi, currently I’m using this shampoo called ‘CLEAN’ from the brand Pet Naturals. It has this nice plumeria scent that I like. I think my boy loves it too since he doesn’t whine a lot whenever I give him a bath! :D


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