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5th Jul 2012

If you are still using Times New Roman as your default font for emails, MS Office Word, website, blog, letters.. pleeeeeease. It’s 2012 and you should change to a better looking font! :D

May I suggest, Droid Serif?

It looks almost similar to Times New Roman (if you’re not willing to part with it, yet) only prettier/handsome’r. (is that even a word? well, it is now!)

Take a look:

Nice, ey?

In fact, the fonts you see in the posts I made (in this blog) are of Droid Serif’s! Tell you what, go do yourself and everyone else a favor (by sparing them the misery of having to ‘see’ more of Times New Roman by DOWNLOADING the Droid Serif font.

And oh, did I mention that it’s FREE too? Well.. it’s FREE! :D

PS: In no way am I saying that Times New Roman fonts are ugly. They’re just..well, we just need a fresh breath of air. :P

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