Holy cow!

4th Jul 2012

…this is good stuff!!

I know, I know.. this stuff has probably been out there in the market for centuries and I am so sampalau right now.. but this candy is seriously GOOD — to my tastebuds, the least.

My sister gave them to me about a week ago. I kept them in my pink mug across the computer keyboard and totally forgotten all about it..until today. I thought it was some powdery thingy, you know, like those sweet powdery candy? ..I should’ve eaten them last week! Now that my sister’s not here (she’s away for studies and there’s no chance of talking to her on the phone today coz she’s on this orientation stuff) I wouldn’t know WHERE to get them! Bah, humbug! :(

Unless of course if I call up her senior and say it’s an emergency call. *hee*

Do you know where I can get these babies???

Update: Been searching for this all over town, even went into CKS’s candy section and still couldn’t find it. I’m gonna bury myself in bean bag chairs now..

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2 thoughts on “Holy cow!

  1. cindy Post author

    Servay Putatan?? Bah.. nanti I round sana pula (if I can find the way there la. Right now, my road knowledge in KK is still very limited. :P)

    Thanks, kio? He he


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